Shipping policy


Available for shipping
・United States of America
Hong Kong(香港)
・United Kingdom

Countries where delivery is NOT available.

We are unable to deliver for now, as we do not have the means to pay or issue VAT or GST numbers.


*For delivery to other countries, please contact us once before purchasing, as we need to check the export regulations of each country.
*Please note that there may be delays due to the corona and the situation in Ukraine.

Customs Information

・Please note, all international packages may be subject to taxes, duties and custom fee upon delivery in your territory. Shipping quotes exclude these costs. For details, please contact the customs office in your receiving country.

・Any import taxes, duties, or fees that may be incurred are the responsibility of customers. We cannot assist with the payment of these fees or provide any discounts or refunds in relation to these fees.
・As of July 1st, 2021, EU citizen customers are required to pay VAT on all purchases up to €150. Customers will be charged upon delivery of the goods by the carrier as we do not collect VAT and duties.

Not all orders are subject to duties and import taxes. Many countries or regions have a minimum order value called a de minimis, before duties and import taxes apply. The following table provides some examples of de minimis values.

Country Duty de minimis value Tax de minimis value
United States 800 USD 800 USD
Canada 20 CAD 20 CAD
Mexico 50 USD 117 USD
Australia 1000 AUD 0 AUD
China 50 CNY 50 CNY
Hong Kong 0 HKD 0 HKD
Ireland 150 EUR 22 EUR
Japan 10,000 JPY 10,000 JPY
Sweden 1,600 SEK 300 SEK
Switzerland 5 CHF 5 CHF

 ※This table is provided as an example, and doesn’t consitute tax advice. For more information on customs clearance and import taxes, please contact the customs office in your receiving country.

We will not be liable for packages held or confiscated by customs.


Most deliveries provided by Chimahaga are via standard shipping. However, some orders may take longer than usual to deliver due to delays in air transport, customs inspections, or unforeseen circumstances outside of our jurisdiction.

You may have to pay import taxes and customs fees for your order. These charges are separate from your shipping fee, and you will be billed directly from the carrier of your choice.

  • Japan Post: For shipping related inquiries regarding Japan Post orders, please contact Japan Post customer service at 0570-046-666.
  • Using incomplete or incorrect shipping information (for example, missing first/last name, incomplete/invalid address, or invalid phone number) will result in customs clearance/delivery delay or delivery failure. Please note that the carrier of your choice may charge you an additional fee for address change once the shipping process starts.
  • All imports are for personal use only. Using a non-residential address for the shipping service may result in a customs clearance/delivery delay.
  • Unclaimed packages will be disposed after 30 days from the arrival date in Japan.
  • If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the package will be returned to the carrier’s service center after one week. Once the return process starts, consignees may get charged a re-delivery fee by the carrier.

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