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Kintsugi Repair Kit

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We are currently out of stock. If you pre-order, you will have priority in securing stock for the next restocking. Scheduled to arrive in early October.

Food Safe

This kit uses natural urushi lacquer and real gold, so it is safe to use on dishes.

It does not contain any epoxy resin or alternative gold powder that is harmful to the body.

  • Kit contents

    ・Raw urushi(生漆)

    ・Bengara urushi(弁柄漆)

    ・Genuine gold powder 0.1g

    ・Plastic spatula


    ・Wood powder

    ・Tonoko (Whetstone powder)

    ・Acrylic Workbench

    ・Fine-point brush

    ・Masking tape

    ・Sandpaper (#800)

    ・Soft abrasive sheet(#800)

    ・Diamond File

    ・Measuring spoon (0.1ml)

  • Additional items you need to prepare

    ・Rubber gloves (rash prevention)
    ・Box cutter
    ・Tissue paper
    ・Flour (light flour recommended)
    ・Alcohol (Ethanol)
    ・Vegetable oil (salad or rapeseed oil)
    ・Cardboard for storing ceramics to be repaired
    ・Wet towel

Tutorial videos are on Youtube.


Is it true that Urushi Lacquer can cause a rash?

Yes, urushi lacquer causes a severe rash when getting it on the skin.
So, be sure to wear gloves while using this kit.

Does the Urushi Lacquer lose its allergenic properties after it has cured?

After the Urushi lacquer is completely dry, it is harmless to the human body.

How many items can be repaired with this kit?

You can repair about 5 chipped items or 1~2 broken items.
However, the actual number of items that can be repaired depends on the size of the damage.
If you want to repair more items, you will need additional gold powder.

Is it ok for hot liquids or foods?

Yes, urushi lacquer becomes very robust when it hardens.
But it is not suitable for items that are directly exposed to fire, as this will damage the urushi lacquer.

Is kintsugi appropriate for a glass item?

Glass is not suitable for kintsugi because urushi lacquer does not work well.

Is it microwave or dishwasher safe?

No, urushi lacquer is not microwave/dishwasher resistant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
sonja greb
advice, delivery and kit great

Everything works quickly and easily and the information about delivery was very nice.
the explanatory videos are easy to understand, precise and helpful.

Amazing kit and service!

Using the kit for the first time. The instructions are super clear and easy to follow. The kit is great because you have everything you need. The seller is also very helpful and kind to work with. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend and would purchase again!

Highly recommend !

The communication while planning the order and the handling of it couldn't have been better! The delivery arrived safely, everything was intact. I have not tried the kit yet, because I am watching the tutorial videos first - and they are extremely helpful.